Engravable 1 inch 14k Yellow Gold Interlocking-Script Monogram Disc Charm Pendant


  • This classic women's monogram disc charm pendant is crafted in solid 14k yellow gold has a 027 gauge thickness (1 mm) and measures 1 inch in diameter (25 mm). This pendant has a polished finish and can be monogrammed on the front with up to 3 interlocking script initials.

    Engravable 1 inch 14k Gold Interlocking Script Initial Monogram Disc Charm Pendant - Front Engraving

    The back of the pendant can be optionally engraved with a text inscription or custom engraved artwork or handwriting (scroll down for engraving options and instructions).

    Engravable 1 inch 14k Gold Interlocking Script Initial Monogram Disc Charm Pendant - Back Engraving

    This item is available with a chain

    This item ships out engraved within 7-10 business days.

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View Back Engraving Instructions

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Option 1. Monogram Engraving

Instructions of how to engrave a monogram explaining the initial order

  1. Monograms are traditionally engraved with 3 initials representing the first, last and middle names of a person, in the order shown above.
  2. To submit your monogram, select the LEFT INITIAL, CENTER INITIAL and RIGHT INITIAL from the drop-down menus.

View Interlocking Monogram Font


Option 2. Monogram Initial Options

One initial, two initial and three initial monogram options

  1. Some people do not have a middle name and want a 2 initial monogram or even a single initial using this monogram font.
  2. If you want to engrave two (2) initials, select the initials you want from the LEFT INITIAL and RIGHT INITIAL drop-down menus.
  3. If you want to engrave a single (1) initial in the center, select the initial you require from the CENTER INITIAL drop-down menu.


Option 1. Text Engraving Only

Disc pendant back text engraving in Roman, Block and Script font

  1. Text engraving on the back costs $10 per line.
  2. From the BACK ENGRAVING drop-down select the NUMBER OF LINES of TEXT ENGRAVING you require (up to 12 characters per line).
  3. From the BACK ENGRAVING FONT STYLE drop-down select a font style.
  4. Type the text to be engraved in the LINE FIELDS that appear.

View Text Engraving Fonts


Option 2. Custom Engraving (Artwork + Text)

Custom engraving of artwork and handwriting

  1. Custom engraving on the back costs $50.
  2. Select this option to engrave artwork, or text and artwork together.
  3. From the BACK ENGRAVING drop-down select CUSTOM ENGRAVING.
  4. Click the CHOOSE FILE button to upload a photograph of your entire composition.
  5. We recommend that you email us your images, artwork and text with a description of your layout and we will create an ENGRAVING PROOF for you to upload.

Request Engraving Proof


Since we offer several options to personalize your order, it may seem a little overwhelming and confusing. Do not worry ... we are here to assist you!

  • Click the button below and email us attachments of your artwork or text, with a description of what you want engraved.
  • Our engravers will contact you within 24 hrs should they require clarification and email an ENGRAVING PROOF for your review.
  • If you are satisfied, we will SET-UP your order on our shopping cart for quick and easy checkout.

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